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jhstha's Comments

Chinatown: Philadelphia

jhstha (Před 9 lety)
What is written here about "Chinatown" is completely wrong in many specific points. Who produces such false crap ??
Hundsangen: Westerwald

jhstha (Před 10 lety)
Das heisst nicht "Hesse", sondern "Hessen" ... kann man nicht wenigstens das Bundesland richtig schreiben ???

jhstha (Před 10 lety)
By quality one of the best webcams worldwide. Always beautiful pictures in good quality !!
Jeruzalém: Western Wall

jhstha (Před 11 lety)
Why does this cam has a TAG "USA" ???
Alpine Meadows: Squaw Cam 1, Squaw Valley

jhstha (Před 11 lety)
California? but the cam is placed near DC ?? How silly ... :-(
Alsbach: EU, GER − Melibocus Mountain

jhstha (Před 11 lety)
This mountain called Melibocus belongs to Alsbach or Zwingenberg, but not to Balkhausen. Who edited this title ?? I (the one who added the cam) did not write that !!

jhstha (Před 11 lety)
Hey, this is NOT North America. !! Greenland belongs to Denmark, therefore it's Europe.
Summit Camp

jhstha (Před 11 lety)
Greenland does NOT belong to North America, go back to school !!
Long Beach

jhstha (Před 11 lety)
So your webcam is located right in the middle of LA? Downtown ?? LOL
Engelshof: Kaiserslautern #5

jhstha (Před 11 lety)
Schade, dass man die Himmelsrichtung, in welche die Kamera zeigt, nicht weiss.
Stuttgart: Kreuzung Rosenbergstraße/Senefelderstraße in

jhstha (Před 11 lety)
Wo in Stuttgart ? Man sieht ja gar nichts ??
Enontekiö: Tie21 − Kilpisjarvi − Norjaan

jhstha (Před 11 lety)
Either your place mark is badly wrong, or this simply isn't Finland !!
Hazen Camp: Arctic Ocean, The North Pole

jhstha (Před 11 lety)
This marked location is N O T the North pole.
Ban Ko Khwan: Koh Samui

jhstha (Před 11 lety)
This Beach is on Koh Samui, you moron, and not what you said !! Besides, you had set the place mark way wrong !!

jhstha (Před 11 lety)
This isn't Bali !!
Vídeň: Karlskirche

jhstha (Před 11 lety)
What is this crap ??? That's not the pace you claim it to be.
Oranjezicht: Lower cablestation of the Table Mountain

jhstha (Před 11 lety)
This cam is placed completely wrong !!

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